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    Wed May 29, 2013 12:17 am
    Yuri Daniels Midnight Ball (MATURE!)
  • The Mountains

    This is a cold and snowy area of hills, ridges, and mountains. It is snowy almost year-round, and in the winter, it's one of the coldest places in the World of Fantasy. It is inhabited by the Gora clan of Weres, and frequently crossed over by people who want to go from Aurea to Cryforia. Many of them disappear during the journey, however, so travelers beware....
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  • The Forests

    The heavily wooded area of terrain that is bountiful in prey and plants. The Okhota clan of Weres make their home here.
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  • Cryforia Sanctuary

    This is one of the large Kingdoms/Cities in the World of Fantasy, home of the mages and witches. It is hundreds of miles away from Aurea. To get to it, one must cross all of the mountains (Gora territory) and the forests (Okhota territory), go over the Dierdas desert, and lastly cross a giant lake the looms before it. It is a very magic-filled community, the largest percentage of the population being, of course, mages and witches. There are a few vampires and weres, but not very many.
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  • The Giant Libraries

    The gigantic libraries of Cryforia are nearly a legend- An enormous, near-labyrinth of bookcases make up possibly the largest collection of knowledge in the World of Fantasy. It houses spellbooks, textbooks, novels, cookbooks....anything you could imagine that is some sort of literature. It also has a large collection of scrolls. The library itself is so big that they need the employment of 20 librarians! And there's still mysterious and unexplored places within it's depths....
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  • The Inner Market

    This is within the city's stone walls. It is a place of trade and commerce, with many different magical wares and products being sold here.
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  • The Kingdom of Aurea

    This is the Vampire Kingdom, a huge city where Vampires and Humans co-exist in peace, with minor issues here and there. They are also home to a large part of the Vnutrenniĭ Were clan. They are ruled over by King and Queen Torlek.
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    Fri Aug 14, 2015 10:37 pm
    Yuri Daniels Hell's Monster Reborn (M)
  • Castle Torlek

    This is the main castle in Aurea, Castle Torlek. It is where the King, Robertus Torlek, and his Queen, Esmerelda Torlek, live and are advised by their loyal advisors in servants. In addition to being home to high royalty, Castle Torlek is also where the main court takes place as well as where male vampires can become knights and guards of the city.
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    Fri Aug 14, 2015 10:37 pm
    Yuri Daniels Hell's Monster Reborn (M)
  • The Academy

    This is the primary school in Aurea, where most of the inhabitants learn how to read and write. The students consist of Vampires, Humans, A few Mages, and the odd Were (Weres usually get bullied by Vampires due to the tension between the two species). In addition to the traditional subjects, students learn basic combat skills and healing skills. Many Vampires who want to become warriors will switch to Scyler Academy at age 12, to receive more in-depth training in the art of war.
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  • Scyler Academy

    A vampire-exclusive school for assassins and warrior training, young vampires from the age of 12-25 are trained in the art of cold-blooded combat. Some say that the students emerging are heartless....this is not biologically true, though one can never say for psychologically. This school will cut into the middle years of the regular schooling, but will continue training in knowledge and learning; however the primary focus is higher combat. Most warriors and other fighters come from this Academy.
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  • Towne Square

    This is a central point in Aurea, the center of Mainstreet. It has shops on the side of the surrounding buildings, and a market. It is also home to the most famous piece of art in the World of Fantasy- the Ultaminium sculpture, which depicts the Vampire princess and Were prince Rosaline and Alek, whom had brought an end to the Vampire-Were war with the tale of their fateful love and tragic demise. The sculpture is highly treasured in their society.
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  • The Kingdom Streets

    The roads that fill the spaces between buildings. It is filled with houses, shops, and it has shady alleyways...
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  • The Farming Outskirts

    This is where many of Aurea's crops are produced. Not many people live here, but the ground is well traveled from the farmers traversing the area to sell their produce in Towne Square.
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    Thu Aug 06, 2015 6:39 pm
    Tenshi Sisters (T)
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