Tskumay Okhota (Okhota clan Were)

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 Tskumay Okhota (Okhota clan Were) Empty Tskumay Okhota (Okhota clan Were)

Post  Yuri Daniels on Thu Aug 02, 2012 6:49 pm

Name: Tskumay Okhota

Age: 54 (looks to be about 20)

Appearance: Tskumay has chin-length black hair, slightly tanned skin, and violet eyes. She is of average height, and is very muscular and strong.

Gender: Female

Clan(VnutrenniÄ­, Okhota, or Gora): Okhota

Occupation/What they do to help the clan: Tskumay helps to collect plants and herbs for eating and healing.

History: Tskumay was born a month premature, and for a while she was weak. But she eventually grew to be stronger than most children. She spent a lot of her days wandering in the forest, and gathering things. She has led a rather simple life, and aside from one fight with a rogue vampire, it has been peacefull. She now continues to live in the forest with the rest of her clan.

Any special talents: She has a special talent for herbs and medicine.

The animal they turn into: A white dove.

Personality: Tskumay is generally quiet, and many people think that she is shy and calm. But in reality she is just silent. She gets pissed off easily and doesnt show it. She has few friends, but the ones she does have are for life.

Opinion on Vampires: Hates them. Period.

Likes: Quiet, herbs, chicken

Dislikes: vampires, loud noises, bees

Any other notes: nope
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