The Vampires and The Weres (Extremely Important)

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The Vampires and The Weres (Extremely Important) Empty The Vampires and The Weres (Extremely Important)

Post  Yuri Daniels on Fri Aug 03, 2012 1:31 pm

Many, many years ago, the Weres ( ) and the Vampires ( ) of The World of Fantasy were at war with each other.

Their battles continued to increase in size, along with the bloodshed. Many people were dying on each side.
Around this time, the daughter of the Vampire King, Princess Rosalie, and the  son of the Were clan leader, Alexander Vnuttreni, met with each other, forming an intimate bond. After meeting countless times, it was found out by both sides, and the uproar that resulted was enormous. An immense battle was fought, resulting in the largest amount of casualties yet.
Both the daughter of the Vampire King and the son of the Were leader were killed in the crossfire, but, in the aftermath of the battle, the story of the doomed lovers sparked a new idea. It took a few years to go through, but in the end, was well worth the wait.

A truce was made between the Vampires and the Weres, the first peace in hundreds of years. They still felt a particular dislike for each other, but were no longer at war.
The Weres retreated into the forests, while a few stayed in the kingdom. However, conflict was not over.
Many of the Weres disagreed with the decision for peace, and a sort of civil war was fought in the Were clan.

None of the sides won or lost.The result was the splitting of the Weres into the three clans, the Vnutrenniĭ, the Ohkota, and the Gora.
The clans are well-known for disliking each other almost as much as their previous hatred for the Vampires...which, some of the clans (mainly the Gora) still have.

200 years later, and we arrive at the present. There is still peace between everyone, but tension is rising........
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