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Post  Yuri Daniels on Thu Aug 02, 2012 12:22 pm

This is important for all you people who are going to create a vampire character to read.
There are certain characteristics that every vampire has:

1. Very pale, if not white, skin
2. Any shade of red-colored eyes
3. Most have a specific power, but nothing that gives a completley unfair advantage
4. Must drink blood at least once a day, but never kill the humans it comes from.
5. Yes, they do have fangs.
6. No, they dont have venom. They cannot "infect" people with their bite, the only way to become a vampire is through genetics.
7. Nothing happens when they walk into the sun- they dont sparkle, burn, turn red, or anything. At most, they will get the equivalent of a reeeeealllly bad sunburn- it would take hours for them to die.
8. A stake through the heart will not kill them. Neither will
9. A vampire will age at the same rate a human does until they turn 19. At 19 years old, they age extremely slowly. (ex. A vampires typical lifespan is 3000-3500 years old, and a hundred-year-old vampire will still look 19)
10. They are physically stronger and faster than humans.

Most Vampires live within the kingdom of Aurea, but there are a few Rogues that do not...
The 'rogue' vampires usually live in the mountains and are sometimes associated with witches.
They have the same characteristics as other vampires, except that the vast majority will kill the human they drink from instead of letting them live.....They generally are aggressive and have lots of conflicts with the Gora clan of Weres.
Unlike other vampires, rogues do not belong to large groups of people, their small clans consisting of usually of 2-10 vampires.

If you have any questions/concerns, please either message me or post a question in the question section of the site. Smile
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