Concerning 'The Blood Pact'

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Concerning 'The Blood Pact' Empty Concerning 'The Blood Pact'

Post  Yuri Daniels on Tue May 21, 2013 8:27 pm

((I just thought I would clear this up by posting it here.))

The blood pact is the name of the truce between the Vampires in Aurea and the humans. It clarifies, that, if needed, a human will give up their blood to a specific vampire on a daily basis, not killing them but simply supplying blood.
The basics:
1. At age 13, humans in Aurea are registered in the 'Pact Volume'. This means that their name is within the system, but does not necessarily mean that they are actually a blood donor.
2. If a new blood donor is needed (for varying reasons) a vampire will consult one of the 'Pact Keepers'. The Pact Keeper opens the Volume, and matches the Vampire with a human who isn't a donor.
3. The human is notified of their acceptance as a donor, and a meeting time for the vampire to 'feed' off of them is specified.
4. The Vampire and Human pair is recorded by the Pact Keeper in the Pact Volume.

((Once again, if anyone has questions don't hesitate to ask! Smile ))
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