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Post  Yuri Daniels on Thu Aug 02, 2012 12:45 pm

The Weres are clans of shape-shifters that are largely disliked by most vampires. Many mistake them for Werewolves, but those who do are...mistaken.
Around 200 years prior to the present, the one community of Weres split into three clans as a result to disagreements over the Vampire/Were peace truce.
   There are three specific clans of weres- and each of them hold an extremely deep-rooted hatred for each other. However, this also leads to more deserters among the clans- Weres from two different clans who, say, fall in love with eachother, would have to desert in order to live together, as neither clan would allow it.

The Clans:
1. The Vnutrenniĭ, the clan living either in Aurea or in one of the small surrounding villages. They are the middle-
sized clan. They are the most "friendly" of the Were clans and are known for socializing with Vampires. Few hold disrespect for Vampires. However they all hold a deep hatred for the Okhota and the Gora. The Gora most of all.

2. The Okhota, the clan living in the forests and in their own small villages. They are the largest clan of Weres, and have the most frequent issues with the Gora clan, since the forests they live in loosely border the lower edge of the mountains where the Gora clan lives. There are frequent battles between them.

3. The Gora, the clan living in the mountains and valleys. They are the smallest of the clans, and by far the most aggressive. They only have one village. All of the Gora have muscle to them, for their lifestyle- they navigate through the steep and rocky terrain of the mountains and valleys. They develop the unusual muscle early on in their lives.
The Gora have a certain issue with the Okhota, concerning land. The forests that the Okhota inhabit extend to the bases of the mountains where the Gora live. This leads to many different conflicts regarding hunting- both clans tend to extend to that area when looking for food, and there isn't a clear boundary line. Hence, lots of tension and disagreements over who's land is who's.

-Concerning Rogue Weres-
Rogue Weres are the Weres that have left their clan for one reason or another.
They are largely hated by all the clans, since the Were clans value loyalty, and leaving a clan is considered the highest form of disloyalty. Rogue Weres will be killed if they are detected within any of the clan's territory.
The highest number of rogues come from the Gora clan, but any type of rogue is still rare.

 * Weres, like Vampires, also have a set list of typical characteristics-
 1. They have a higher body temperature than humans by about four degrees.
 2. Eye colors include green, blue, brown, and violet. There are no other eye colors for Weres.
 3. Each Were can turn into a specific animal, usually one found inside of their homeland. They can turn into this animal whenever they wish, except for on full moons.
 4. On full moons, every Were is turned into their animal. This happens involuntarily to them, just like with their distant cousins, the Werewolves.
 5. They age at the same rate as Vampires.
 6. All Weres have a very keen sense of smell, even when not in their animal form.

  If you have any more questions about the Weres, post them here or message me!
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