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Post  Nbird13 on Mon May 27, 2013 7:35 pm

Name: Yorolic Lladd

Age: 32 (looks like a 19 year old)

Gender: Male

Appearance: Tall about 6 feet tall. Short brown hair, Bright red eyes. Often wears all black shirt and pants underneath a black cloak with a hood. On more formal events, he wears a white suit, tie, and black pants.

Occupation: An Employed Sword-arm for the Auger Family. The job varies from Bodyguard, Assassin, Spy, Diplomat, whatever is needed.

History: Born to one of the lower nobles of the ruling vampires. At a young age Yorolic was sent to Scyler Academy to be trained in the arts of combat. When he graduated, he was then sent to one of the higher vampire noble family; The house of Auber . They oversaw one of the boarders of the Kingdom and had many enemies. Rouge Vampires, exiled mages, unhappy peasants, corrupt politicians just to name a few. It became Yorolic’s sole duty to make sure that these enemies were taken care of and that the members of the Auber family were still breathing. This usually means hunting the streets for anyone or anything that walks out of line.

Special Power: Invisibility for up to 5 minutes, then a 30 second break must be taken before it can be re-used. He also can’t be “hungry” to use it.

Personality: Cold and silent to most everyone but secretly caring and loving to the lucky few who he loves and trusts.

Special talents: Agile and good with a blade.

Opinions on Weres: Personally indifferent but professionally knows that they got plenty of motives for attacking Auger Family and therefore keeps a close eye on them for any signs of aggression.
Opinions on Vampires: Kinder to them than other races despite being the more deadly of opponents.
Opinions on Humans: Kind of as a person is to a cat. He knows that all they are in the end are pets to be exploited and fed upon but also can’t help but to have a sort of admiration and respect for them. This doesn’t stop him for putting them down if they become a threat.
Opinion on Mages: Doesn’t quite trust them. They often keep to themselves and are hard to read. They are also not the easiest to deal with if they become a problem.

Likes: Nighttime, His “alone times”, Parkour
Dislikes: Spiders, Magic (other than his invisibility, no problems with that)

Blood donor: Last one was deemed to old to continue blood donning and so he requires a new one.

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Yorolic Lladd, Vampire, Kingdom Empty Re: Yorolic Lladd, Vampire, Kingdom

Post  Yuri Daniels on Mon May 27, 2013 8:03 pm

Approved. ^-^
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