Kyron/Kora Lancaster, Vampire, Kingdom

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Kyron/Kora Lancaster, Vampire, Kingdom Empty Kyron/Kora Lancaster, Vampire, Kingdom

Post  Yuri Daniels on Mon May 27, 2013 8:48 pm

Name: Kora Lancaster/Kyron Lancaster

Age: 28

Gender: Female

About 5'6. Very pale skin, and bright red eyes. She has a very round and curvy body structure, weighing around 158 pounds. Very long blonde hair, going past her waist. Wears modest white and blue cloth clothing, usually feminine in style.
Kyron: About 5'11. Very pale skin, bright red eyes. Has a more lean and muscular body structure, weighing around 180 to 190 pounds. Just above chin length, slightly spiky blonde hair. Wears white and blue clothing, usually more armour-like and masculine garb than Kora.
Occupation: Healer. She/He recently completed special training at Scyler academy, and now specializes in potionmaking for both Vampires, Weres, and Humans.

History/Biography: Kora/Kyron was born into the house of Lancaster, a noble family. Kora/Kyron was born as a biological female, but it quickly became apparent that she was...'special'. Sometimes, her body would change into that of a male's!
Throughout her life, she has had two physical forms- a female and a male one. She can shift between them like a Were can shifted between their human and animal forms.
Kora/Kyron has used this ability to get herself into things that girls would usually be forbidden from- after entering the Academy, she was able to transfer to Scyler Academy as Kyron (Scyler Academy is for male Vampires only.) There, 'he' completed a special course centered on healing and potions only. After graduating, he moved onto a job and currently is employed by the king's advisor. It's a good job, at least, that's what it looks like from the outside.
Kyron is sometimes sexually abused by the Advisor, who blackmails him with knowing he is actually a female and he could fire her for being one.
No one except for her parents know that 'Lady Kora of the house Lancaster' and 'Lord Kyron the Healer' are the same person except for her/his parents.
Special Power (if any, but not something giving a very unfair advantage): Kyron/Kora can manipulate water, freezing it, and using it to heal (think of waterbending from Avatar)

Personality: Kyron/Kora is quite shy when you first meet him/her, but will gradually open up as they get to know people more. They are very kind (the main reason for being a healer) and have a thing for flowers...Kyron sometimes gets teased by his peers for being 'womanly'.
They are very nuturing and loving, though 'Kyron' must hide this a bit more than Kora.
Unfortunately, they are also sort of gullible, a bit too trusting of some people...this can lead to bad situations sometimes.
Sexuality: Bisexual

Any special talents: Kora/Kyron is an extremely skilled healer and potionmaker (even at their young age).

Opinion on Weres: They like Weres, and find their shapeshifting ability to be very interesting.
Opinion on other Vampires: Mixed. Kyron is sometimes bullied for being 'Womanly', but Kora is treated very well. Sometimes, they like other Vampires, sometimes they don't.
Opinion on Humans: Sort of pities them for having to donate blood, but no other real feeling. Sees them as peers.
Opinion on Mages: Finds their magic to be very cool and would like to learn more.


-A lot of blood
-working for the King's advisor
-Most sexual activities (emotionally scared in this area)

Blood donor (Human that they usually drink from): Asai, a 35-year old motherly woman. Kyron/Kora likes her.

Any other notes:
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