RP terms (A dictonary of sorts)

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RP terms (A dictonary of sorts) Empty RP terms (A dictonary of sorts)

Post  Yuri Daniels on Sat Nov 16, 2013 6:08 pm

Hello. It has come to my attention that not everybody who joins us will know all of the terms we use in regards to our rps, so, I have decided to put up a dictionary of sorts, here. If there is a definition that you disagree with, or a word that you do not see here that you would like to be defined, contact me and I will put it in. Smile

RP: This is one of the base/well-known/necessary terms you will see here in the World of Fantasy. It is short for roleplay- which, in the context of this website, is a text-based "game" of sorts. It involves at least two people, and has a developing storyline, with characters and NPCs. It is much like a story written by two people, and is made by posting part of the story. The 'rpers' take turns making the posts.

Approved Characters: the term you will hear for characters that have been posted in the character creating section of the website, that have been checked by a mod, approved, and are ready to be rped with.

Unapproved Characters: the term you will hear for characters that have not been approved for varying reasons: usually, a mod has not had time to check it over and approve it, or it has broken one of the rules for character creation/it is lacking something necessary to be approved. These are characters that are NOT ready to be rped with, and cannot be used in the World of Fantasy RP Zone. However, they can be used in the NPC section of the General Area.

RP Tag: This is the term referring to the rating "tag" of the rp. It is used to notify both the rpers and anyone who chooses to read the rp of the basic content, just like if it were a movie. This is further explained in the "regarding rps" topic.

NPC: Definition 1:This means Non-player character. They are used as minor/unimportant but necessary characters in rps in the RP zone of The World of Fantasy. (ex: Let's say you have an approved character that goes to a shop. The shopkeeper would be an NPC, as it is an unimportant character that requires no planning, and most likely will never be seen again.)
                                        Definition 2: NPC can also refer to a main character in an rp that is in the NPC rp section for roleplaying. In other words, a character that is not officially registered as accepted, but used in the NPC rp section. Oftentimes, the characters are built on during the rp, or are simply not within the bounds of The World of Fantasy. (ex: If you did an rp in the NPC section where the main character was, say....a robot in a post-apocalyptic future, it would count as an NPC.)

Smut: This is the term you will see people use in M-rated rps. It refers to graphically depicted sexual acts within an rp or fanfiction. Wink
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