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 Sakura Blue, Vampire, 19 Empty Sakura Blue, Vampire, 19

Post  Tenshi on Wed Aug 05, 2015 8:29 pm

Name: Sakura Blue

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Appearance: Sakura has long, straight black hair that reaches up to her shoulders and her eyes are a scarlet red. Her skin, obviously, is pale. She also has a normal figure that most girls have. She is also tall but not like 6'0 tall. She's 5'8.

Are they a Rogue Vampire? If so, why?: No

Occupation (If a rogue, just put what they do to survive/earn money): Herbalist

History/Biography: Her history is like Yuri's but instead of wanting to marry rich, she preferred to make her own money because she didn't want to get married so soon. Her parents slightly disagreed with this method of becoming rich again but let her do as she wish. Currently, her business is booming. She never had a boyfriend or whatever and isn't planning on having one soon.

Special Power (if any, but not something giving a very unfair advantage): None really, except for being able to talk to only bats

Personality: Sakura is generally a sweet and caring person. she is also very emotional too. Almost anything can fool her into thinking something's real. She tends to over think a lot and is also very absent minded. Other than that, she is also a heavy sleeper and can fly into a rage when you wake her up, usually saying things she will regret later on. Everyone has a dark side and so does she! When woken up, she uses anything around her for a weapon, anything. Also, when she's sad or angry, she will retreat to her room and become very quiet and somber/sober (i don't know how you spell it).

Any special talents: Making medicine/poison

Opinion on Weres: They're okay.
Opinion on other Vampires: Depends on what they are like
Opinion on Humans: They're okay
Opinion on Mages: Awesome

Likes: Bats, The Stars, Night time, Singing, Classical Music, Helping people,making people smile, learning new things

Dislikes: pain, physical exercise, arrogant vampires, ignorant people(since she has little to no tolerance), people who take away her sister, Yuri

Blood donor (Human that they usually drink from)(If a rogue, you don't have a blood donor): A young man that also her friend named Alex

Any other notes:-Yuri's little sister


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 Sakura Blue, Vampire, 19 Empty Re: Sakura Blue, Vampire, 19

Post  Yuri Daniels on Wed Aug 05, 2015 8:34 pm

Accepted! Smile

 Sakura Blue, Vampire, 19 Tumblr_nsg1f2hvku1tj70ayo1_400

No one even gives a shit, so why the fuck should I?
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