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Rp Tags (Read before Rping) Empty Rp Tags (Read before Rping)

Post  Yuri Daniels on Wed Aug 05, 2015 7:49 pm

When starting a new rp, it is required that you put the appropriate tag in the title. This will help warn anyone that wants to read the roleplay of its contents. As not all of us are 18+, some parents or guardians might restrict the type of content a user is allowed to read and/or write. Tagging the rps helps ensure that no one is banned for stumbling onto content they're not supposed to be looking at.

You can see our tags below:

G: Appropriate for almost anyone, minimal blood, minimal swearing, minimal sexual references.
T: Generally, teens and up. Can have some blood, some swearing, and sexual reference, but no smutting or really gory scenes.
M:.....Anything goes. You get my drift, right?

When creating a new rp, insert the tag in parenthesis at the end of the rp title
(Ex:  Another Dance (T) or Hell's Monster Reborn (M) ).
If you have any questions about rp tags, feel free to leave it here in reply to this topic or in a private message to me.

Rp Tags (Read before Rping) Tumblr_nsg1f2hvku1tj70ayo1_400

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