Yuri Blue, Female, Vampire, 20

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Yuri Blue, Female, Vampire, 20 Empty Yuri Blue, Female, Vampire, 20

Post  Yuri Daniels on Wed Aug 05, 2015 12:13 am

Name: Yuri Marselia Blue

Age: 20, but physically about 16-17

Gender: Female

Yuri Blue, Female, Vampire, 20 2892d668-7b16-40d8-827e-5941790969d2 only she's chubbier, weighing around 200 pounds.

Are they a Rogue Vampire? If so, why?: No.

Occupation (If a rogue, just put what they do to survive/earn money): Farmer

History/Biography: Normally, vampires are of nobility, however, this is not the case with Yuri. Her parents used to be nobles, however her father had a gambling issue to which they lost all of their fortunes. They were forced to move to the outskirts of Aurea and become simple farmers. Yuri has adjusted to this life (it happened when she was very young) Though she aspires to be a noble. She hopes to marry into money. Her parents share this dream for her.

Special Power (if any, but not something giving a very unfair advantage): None, though she possesses a small affinity for magic (she was taught by travelling mages from Cryforia)

Personality: Yuri is rather...shallow, compared to most farmers. She knows she is beautiful and she plans to use that to her advantage. She is lustful and jealous. She can be cruel, and she has a very short temper. Despite all this, she can be kind to the people she cares about- it just might require a bit of work.

Any special talents: None really except for her slight grasp of Magic

Opinion on Weres: She doesn't mind them, as she has met many of the Vnutrenni during her life in the cities and they have been reasonable with her.
Opinion on other Vampires: She likes them.
Opinion on Humans: She sees them purely as a food source, something akin to cattle.
Opinion on Mages: She is very fond of them.
Likes: Wealth, men, things of a sexual nature, her blood donor

Dislikes: Spiders, bugs, most other females

Blood donor (Human that they usually drink from)(If a rogue, you don't have a blood donor): A middle-aged woman called Varlas Brusellona.

Any other notes:
-She loves horses

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